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Be realistic... Expect Miracles.

Aloha and welcome to the intention blog.

We all by now know about the power of intention and most of us have practiced it in some way. We’ve met in prayer circles, mastermind groups, etc. However, how many times have we set in a group and held a specific intention for a full 8-10 minutes? That, to me, is where the power in these circles lies.

I spend a lot of time with deliberate Intention. I experiment with it, explore it, and research it almost every day. And I am constantly delighted with not only what I discover, but also the awareness I'm gaining about just how absolutely in control of our own life experience we really are. I'm convinced that once we begin to own who we really are, our Divine selves, and begin to think, feel and act accordingly, we will realize that a clear intention is omnipotent. Truly. Our minds are that powerful, And I'm pretty sure that is their main purpose.

I am also pretty sure that we will come to realize that we can access wisdom, conscious thought, and the requirements for everything we need through simply holding the intention. I think we just need to practice it enough to get use to the idea of Intention being enough. When we go into intention with something we go into alignment with it. And in alignment we are in agreement with it, we have access to it. Access to it means that we can receive, and give, whatever it is.

The only thing that keeps us from having our intentions realized is that we come out of alignment with it. We hold intention, align with what is intended, but then we don't accept it. We fall out of alignment with it because the new frequency of it is foreign to us and we fall back into our old habitual frequency. We do this by telling the same stories we're in the habit of telling. Example: We hold an intention for someone in the circle for money. In that meeting, they, and all of us are aligned with what we have set the intention for. Then, sometimes the same day, they begin telling a story about how broke they are. This is simplified but you get the drift. We all do it. So we meet weekly to practice being in alignment with our desires through our intention.

I have a lot to share about intentions and the intention circles we are holding. Simply subscribe if you would like to receive my bi-weekly posts. And use the “Contact” link if you would like specific information about the meetings, and when and where the they are held on Maui.

The circles are not a part of any religion or spiritual practice, and there is no fee to attend or subscribe.

With Love as my intention,


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