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Aloha Intenders,

This week someone told me they had made up an excuse to decline an invitation and I had to wonder why they didn’t just say they didn’t want to do whatever it was. It started me thinking about how often we tell little untruths, or half-truths, or exaggerate, or make false impressions, or flat out lie. It has become accepted. We all have friends that we love, and accept that they don’t tell the whole truth most of the time. We love them, but can we fully trust them? Not telling the truth leads to not be trustworthy. Everything about someone who is dishonest, in any way, is flimsy. These are the obvious.

But what does being honest have to do with the power of intention? A lot. There is a deeper, subjective consequence to not being honest. Being dishonest translates in consciousness as I am not worthy.

I have written before about how holding an intention as we do in the Intention Circles brings us into alignment with what we have intended and gives us access to it. As long, and as well as we hold that alignment determines how quickly and completely we manifest that intention in our life experience. (that’s why we do it in groups:)

When we are dishonest we are out of alignment with our worth. If we are out of alignment with our worth, we are out of alignment with our intention for higher good. It is that simple. “When you are in your worth you speak the truth. No need not to.” The Guides as spoken through Paul Selig

What is meant by being in your worth? Your worth is how you value yourself. The truth is that we are an expression of God. It doesn't get more valuable then that. There is a Divine spark within us that entitles us to everything in creation, (including total Self-realization), just as we are, right now, in this moment.

When we are grounded in our Self-worth we have a solid foundation. There is nothing flimsy about us. We stand in truth, speak truth, act in truth and receive truth.

Honesty and worth go hand in hand.

With Love as my intention,


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