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Intenders of the Highest Good

Co-Founder Tina Stober to speak at Intention Circle Sunday, July 21, 6 pm Wailea Healing Center - 120 Kaukahi St. next to Mulligan's on the Blue

Sunday July 21st at 6 pm our Intention Circle will meet at Wailea Healing Center. Tina Stober will be our special guest facilitator and speaker. Tina was co-founder of Intenders of the Highest Good on the Big Island over 20 years ago, and hosted the original group in her home for many years. The groups are now held all over the world. Tina will share with us how their circles were facilitated, how they evolved over the years, and now include the Vision Alignment Project with over 3M participants world wide, as well stories of results of individuals within their circles. This is an open invitation for anyone wishing to join us. $10 suggested donation.

This is the invitation I posted on Facebook. And I'd like to share more here with all of you. Tina is also a channel, and says that a lot of how the Intenders of the Highest Good evolved, and the direction it took, was through information she got from channeling Lee Ching. She still does a lot of channeling work, and will be available for channeling sessions while she is here on Maui.

This is very serendipitous to me as I had a very profound experience with Lee Ching about 4 years ago in the desert outside Sedona. I had only read a part of his book that I found in a drawer in my room. The subsequent experience allowed me to see how insidious our fears are. And how the resistance our fear causes within us is the only thing that holds us back, or keeps us from knowing and expressing our authentic Selves. I had not heard of Lee Ching before finding the book in the drawer, and had not heard anything of him since, until Tina mentioned him as being a big part of their Intenders' journey. Coincidence? Hmmm . . . .

If there is enough interest, we may schedule a channeling session with a smaller group on Monday the 22nd. Both Tina and I are fine with allowing this part of her visit to flow, and unfold in perfect Divine Order.

See you on the 21st!

With Love as my Intention,


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