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Intention for Open Hearts Everywhere

The head is powerful, but it can only get us what we really want if we open our heart first.

A Vision for Open Hearts Everywhere

As we walk the distinctly unique path of human evolution, we reach a place where we cannot go any further unless we open our heart. Such is the crossroad that faces mankind and womankind today, and thus it is appropriate that we set the template for our next step by offering this Vision for Open Hearts Everywhere.

We picture ourselves living in a world where every man, woman and child on Earth have opened their heart; where we each feel the sacred feeling that only an open heart can bring; and that this feeling surrounds us in everything we do, in everywhere we go, and in everyone we meet. All ego, all deception, all untruth, all hatred and aggression dissolve into nothingness as we now know - fully and forevermore - that having an open heart is the best experience life has to offer. Now, our decisions are wiser, our actions more caring, our relationships more loving - because we all live from our open hearts.

Imagine this world for a moment, if you will. Humanity, en masse, has risen up and out of its old violent ways, never to look back upon them again. With hearts open we gaze out across the horizon of a new world where Love - True Love for everything that exists - is the standard by which we live. A feeling so sacred, so sublime, originating from the center of our hearts and permeating throughout every cell in our bodies, has spread outward from there, like a wave of joy, across our entire planet. None are untouched by it. All are renewed in it. Life is, once again, a blessed experience, a gift that is treasured like no other.

This is the intention that came this evening from The Vision Alignmant Project. Remember Intenders of the Highest Good? An intention group that was started on the Big Island 25 years ago? From that group Tony Burroughs who was one of the founders has begun The Vision Alignment Project. If you would like to join over 3M people world wide in this vision/intention, and others, you can at the link above.

With Love as My Intention,


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