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Our Personal Intention Experiments

"God is afoot, magic is alive . . . magic never died. Leonard Cohen

"God is Alive, Magic is Afoot"

It has been such a long time since I've posted anything. Time has flown. It may seem like I have not been so much into the power of intention because of that, but the opposite is actually true. I have never been so intrigued, encouraged, excited and curious about it. I have been a little distracted by the 40 Day Prosperity Plan that ended up going for 90 days. And for many of us it continues still. Without exception, everyone who participated fully throughout the program had life changing results. It pulled me even deeper into the spiritual, into Beingness. I have been sending out messages by email regularly, but hesitated to publish them here for concern that it would not be in keeping with my promise that the intention circles are not associated with any religion or spiritual practice. However, the intention circles have indeed become a very spiritual experience for those of us attending regularly. But not in a way someone who hasn't experienced them might imagine. The "energy" that is generated by the circles is palpable. Often, when the circle is concluded we all just sit for a few minutes soaking it up, and looking around in awe at what we're experiencing. It is simply the healing frequency of Love. There is no denying that is is Divine, and that we have entered the realm of the miraculous. It's an experiential realm that can't be defined in words or thoughts. It is an opening of the heart beyond imagine. When you've been there, there is a level of acceptance of what is, beyond any desire for change of anything material. It simply becomes immaterial. :):) Do our intentions materialize? Every week for many. Do we go back into the material desires such as prosperity and health concerns later if we don't see evidence of them? For me; less and less each time. I have gained a level of knowing that I am taken care of on all levels, without question, and I've learned to trust that, no matter what presents itself in my life. I have gained the ability to see each person in my life as a co-participant in my growth on a personality level, and evolution on the soul level. Everyone in my life, no matter what role they're in, is in my life out of love and our unconscious agreement to serve each other in some way. So those who challenge me are valued equally with those who openly love and support me. Is that always easy? Well I don't walk on water, yet. Seriously, it is getting easier and easier. The same with situations in my life. I have a life changing event dangling before me as I write this. Regardless of which way this event goes, I am walking into the unknown. However, because of my frequent experiences in that ever present frequency of Love, I can honestly say that I am curious about all possibilities. And, just as all people and circumstances in my life, it is my greatest teacher in this moment. I have also learned that Life has a way of taking care of Itself, and usually more graciously then I could've imagined, if I can get out of the way and let it. So consequently, people, relationships, opportunities, inspiration, ideas, resources, healing, all that I need, when I need it, continually shows up for me. It might look differently then I would've designed it, but I can trust that it is right for all involved on some level. That is why it's good to add "for the highest good of all concerned" to our intentions. There might be something greater then the intention we've set with our limited perspective. (I've written about this in greater detail in previous blogs)

So, as I continue to study and investigate the power of intention, the para normal and the mystical, I have kinda gone down the rabbit hole. I'm reading books like Remote Viewing which is about a technique the military used as early as the 30's and 40's with a group of people who could be given the coordinates of a place in another country and be able to see and report what they say there. Absolutely fascinating! Application of Impossible Things is another one, and Limitless Mind, and Real Magic. My rabbit hole is deep. LOL

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I recently bought a 9 week online course from his website. In it he provides several guided meditations for manifestation of everything from mystical experiences to whatever you can think of. In one of his lectures he talks about how he used the technique he teaches for a mystical experience. His experience was of leaving his body. It took a few tries for him to actually be able to leave it and travel, but he eventually did. He actually "traveled" to another dimension where he says he experienced an entire life time. When he returned to his body,15 minutes had passed since he began the meditation. I am beyond hooked on this phenomenon and possibility. (Who watched Outlander?:):) I'm determined to find Jamie. Outta my way Claire. LOL!)

I became interested in the power of our minds when I began to study the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes in the 80's. His premise, and now that of main stream science, is that there is only one Mind, the Universal Mind, or the Mind of God, and that our minds are just individualized aspects of that Mind which holds everything that ever was, is, and will be. So we actually have access to that Universal Mind and can access all that it holds, and utilize it's power. I liken it to a wave of the ocean. It hits the shore and expresses as no other wave in the existence of waves has. It is distinguishable as a wave, but never separate from the ocean from which it came. The concept of endless realms within One Mind use to be called New Age, now it's called Quantum Physics. And even Christianity is beginning to see the Light. The speed with which humanity is moving into the realization of who and what we really are, and are capable of, is staggering. Learning, experiencing and experimenting here is where I spend a ton of time. Where it is leading me I have no idea. It may all come together for me and form MY message to the world at some point. Or it may just mean that I quietly hold the consciousness for humanity that we truly are only One. One Love. (thank you B.M.) One ocean with endless fleeting waves. And that it is ALL RIGHT. Whatever I do, I will do it while giving to, and taking from this amazing Life full heartedly.

So I invite you all to experiment with your personal Intentions. Play with them lightheartedly. Spend at least as much time in your heart as you do your head. Scientist are saying that your mind creates the picture, and the heightened emotions of Love and Gratitude bring the mental pictures into being. What can you lovingly and gratefully imagine for yourself? Can you imagine that coming from modern scientists? Dispenza, Braden and Lipton are just some of the most public ones.

I also invite you to explore the power of intention on your own. Follow Lynne McTaggart or read her book, The Power of Eight, or The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, or many others, so you're convinced of the possibilities. Then, if you're drawn to, attend a circle and experience for yourself how transformational spending an hour in deliberate intention can be.

When our Mind and Heart are both open and receptive, we create a coherent field where "God is Alive, and Magic is Afoot"

It is my intention that all our intentions be realized as if by magic.

With Love as my intention,


Intention Circles are still being held on Sunday evenings at 6:30 in Maui Meadows, Thursday evenings at 6:30 in Haiku, and starting November 12, on Tuesdays at 1 in the afternoon in Pukalani. Please email me for details if you're interested in attending.

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