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We are all candles, emitting and receiving rays of light messages. The light messages from our bodies are the conglomerate of our thoughts, and they are responded to both from within our bodies, and from the Universe around us. From the work of Dr. Fritz Popps in his search for a cure for cancer.

As most of you know I began Lynne McTaggart's 2020 Masterclass a couple of weeks ago. As promised I will share the teachings as it is presented so we may all gain from it. and hopefully take our Intention Circle results to a higher level.

In our first class Lynne explained various properties of thoughts.

1. Thoughts are light

2. Thoughts are global

3. Thoughts are trespassers

4. Thoughts are a constant broadcast

She used the analogy that when we are having a conversation with someone we are actually holding two conversations at once. One with our words and one with the light emissions. And both are equally interactive. These light emissions are highly ordered and in physics that order is called coherence. That means that the photons are all in order, or coherent. The light from a lightbulb is discordant so we don't get very much light from a 60 watt light bulb. If the light from the light bulb was coherent it would be thousands of times brighter then the sun. That is the power potential of what we are emitting. The most coherent light in nature. So I'm thinking that if our thoughts are creating the light emission from us, and it is being received and responded to in likeness from both within us, and from the entire Universe we might want to take notice of what we spend the majority of our time thinking about. The way I see it, if our thoughts are an expression of our beliefs, attitude, personality, what we've learned, what we observe, etc. and the totality of that is being responded to at all times, we are experiencing the best of what can be delivered as our experience based on what is transmitted from us via our thoughts, or light emissions (light is vibration)

So it makes perfect sense that if a group of us are emitting the same coherent light vibration together, about the same thing, we have a MUCH higher chance of seeing the response to that coherent light emission in our life experience. This is no longer esoteric New Age thought. That term has been replaced with New Science.

This is why mastermind, prayer, and intention groups have and are being used to bring about particular results in lives and circumstances. Lynne McTaggart is certainly not the first person to explore, write about, and/or demonstrate the power of intention in small groups. However, her work is the first that I've encountered that has done so much on a scientific level, and has now witnessed thousands of instant miracles take place within the circles, and the lives of countless others transformed over time in attending circles regularly.

Some of the results we have seen in our local intention circles have been; health issues resolved (both in people and pets), loving relationships found, and/or restored, work or jobs that had not seemed obtainable, book publishing contract, things found that had been lost, countless serendipitous events that seemed impossible, transforming spiritual insights and revelations, financial windfalls, and many many others.

It is my intention through sharing Lynne's work that we continue to see more and more miracles and transformations.

With Love as my Intention,


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