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As most of you know, I am leaving the island for a month tomorrow. And it seems a lot of our other Intenders are leaving as well, and that includes our other hosts. Kachina has hosted the Sunday meeting the last 2 Sundays, and and she has agreed to host them on the Sundays that her house is available. She has agreed to post on the Facebook page on Saturdays to let everyone know if she will be able to host that week. Every Sunday those who would like to participate in an Intention Circle just go to the Facebook page (there's a "f" link on the bottom of this blog site) or Power of Intention - Maui is the name of the page. Please "comment" if you will attend. And I have another idea for this as well. Even if you cannot attend in person, you may let everyone know that you will be joining in the intention circle from where you are by "Liking" it, or stating the intention you would like to hold. You don't need to state your intention if you don't want to. A "Like" to the page will get you included. Then, at 6 pm hawaii time I, and anyone else who would like to from afar, will hold intention for each person for 6 minutes per person.

Please note that there will not be a circle this Sunday the 19th as so many people plan to be at the courthouse with Neerja.

Wednesday morning circles will be discontinued until I return unless someone would like to step up and keep them going. That would be awesome.

I will be post blogs while traveling as often as I'm inspired to. And I hope to continue hearing about all your wonderful intentions coming to fruition. At the very least we can stay connected through the blog site and Facebook.

With Love as my Intention,


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