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Trust The Process ll

Aloha! I’m back from my trip but I’m still in California, I’ve missed you all and the circles. I thought I’d be able to post at least a couple times but it has been difficult to find the quiet time to focus. And . . . . there was the Guinness that Ireland is so famous for. 😜 JK

Here in California I arrived at a time my services were sorely needed. My sister became a grandmother Thursday, the day after our step dad became an invalid and began to need 24 hour care. He and my mom have been in her and my brother in laws' care. and home, since last fall. I have to step in and help as much as I can. So I will be here for at least another week. Or at least until I can help my sister get the necessary help she needs to continue their care here in her home.

So I am trusting the process. And as it all unfolds I find that that is about as strong an intention as one can set. As I set my intention to be fully present and trust that I am exactly where I am suppose to be and doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing in this moment, something begins to light the way and I can surrender to the task at hand. So with every meal I place on his tray I intend that the whole world is well fed. With every step I assist to the toilet I intend that the every one on the planet walks in freedom. With every wheezy breath I assist with oxygen I intend that the air is clean and the planet is cleansed. As I attend to their personal needs, I know that all of yours are met with ease and Grace as well. And somehow chores and tasks I previously didn't think were within my capacity are done with Love. And I stand in awe and appreciation of the process of Life, A healthy precious new life enters the world, as an old tired one prepares to leave it. It is a beautiful process, and in the greater scheme of things, it is a fleeting one. We can trust it. We may not like or think we deserve some of the challenges it presents, but we are all in this together. None of us escapes the progression of our Soul's awakening, and it will bring to us those experiences necessary for our highest good and evolution. So trust the process my friends. It is worthy, it IS necessary, and it is Divine.

I am so pleased to see the text thread for the Intention Circle this evening. Trust THAT process as well. Miracles may not be evident week to week, but the process is miraculous and living in intention is . .. well Lynn McTaggart said is brilliantly, A fast track to the miraculous. Trust the process.

See you soon!

With Love as my Intention,


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