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"Twelve Secrets of Intention from The Power of Eight"

I hope this article will fortify everyone's faith and enthusiasm in the Intention Circles. I felt discouragement from some in Sunday's circle. We all get discouraged, especially when we think we're doing what we're suppose to be doing and things just don't seem to fall into place the way we asked/hoped/prayed/intended they would.

I am reminded of a Zen saying I heard long ago. "God can only work for you, by working through you." This means that God is not an deity outside of us that decides whether or not we deserve what we ask for, pray for, or intend for. Or a deity that hears us then judges if/when/how we should receive what we've asked for. Everything has already been given, and we can have/know/be all that we have the capacity to accept. Unlimited abundance, radiant health, authenticity, and absolute freedom is our natural state of Being. Our Intention Circles can and will move us into that knowing, into our full potential, and closer and closer to life as A Dream Come True. (How we all know, deep within ourselves, it is suppose to be).

I love L. McTaggart's work because she started out doing scientific experiments that lead her to realizing a greater force at work. So whether one is more scientifically inclined, or spiritually inclined, no one can deny the Power of Intention.

If it works for one, it works for all my friends. I hope you get a lot from this article.

It was written by Darryl Alder.

With love as my intention.


Intention Secrets

1.The first secret was that large groups were not necessary to get a positive result. In fact, as she points out in her book, The Power of Eight, she had decided to scale down the entire process in her “workshops by creating Power of Eight groups and having them send healing intention.” She continued, “For me, it was just another, more informal experiment, and just as foolhardy a one—until it too began to work in ways that eclipsed everything I’d imagined would happen, and people with long-standing conditions reported instant, near-miraculous healings.

2 The second secret she shared was that if you will make a power thought each morning and combine that with mediation, you will likely get what you want. In her book, The Field, she investigated the photons of light emitting from all living things. She reported that sound science shows we are actually sending and receiving energy all the time, as are all living things. She said that the latest biology shows, “They’re emitting a tiny current of photons, tiny current of light all the time and other living things are sending back a little current of light synchronicity.   Slowly, it’s like we’re having a conversation in light all the time. “

3 She pointed out the third secret: after our morning meditation, what we think about and believe will begin to happen. Positive thoughts will move us toward desired results, but negative ones will take us another direction. She explained, “… we now know that our negative thinking actually affects the major organs of those we associate with and their ability to fight disease.   Evidence has shown that one single argument can delay wound healing of the person who’s being argued with by an entire day.   So my research with many intention masters convinced me that certain practices can harness intention and that this can make all the difference in your life.”

4 Perhaps the fourth secret is this, those that give intention to others get something back in return. She disclosed, “If you get off of yourself and intend for someone else or something else, you’ll experience a rebound effect. What you send out to the universe comes back to you, magnified the givers end up getting the most ” The “rebound effect,” as she calls it, helps givers’ lives to begin working better.”

5 Fifth secret, or tip she suggests, is to choose your “intention space.” She says that each times you practice intention, do it in the same location. She explained, “the best thing to do is to choose a place to carry out your intentions that feels comfortable, where you can sit quietly and meditate, and even if you’re not there when you’re doing an intention, send yourself back mentally to your intention space when you’re ready to carry out an intention.”

6 The sixth secret is to focus your mind. McTaggart calls it powering up and suggests that we develop “the ability to attend with peak intensity moment by moment.” She explains that this is not calming like meditation, but is mind energizing, working at its hardest. “It’s using an extreme degree of focus,” she continues. Then goes on to suggest that we practice using all five senses in a very concentrated way then “to get into a state of focus. Sit in a comfortable position in a chair. Breathe slowly and rhythmically in through the nose and out through the mouth and just slowly blow all the air out so that your in breath is about the same length as your out breath. Allow your belly to relax so that it’s slightly protruding. Then pull it back slowly as if you were trying to get it to touch your back. This will ensure that you’re breathing through your diaphragm. Repeat this every 15 seconds, but ensure that you’re not overexerting or straining. Carry on for three minutes and then keep observing it. Work up to five or 10 minutes.

“Begin to focus your attention on just the breath. Then slowly take inventory of your five senses. What does the present moment look like? Sound like, taste like, feel like, smell like, practice this repeatedly, every so often when you want to come into a state of focus, just come into your senses just as you have now and just focus on them without thinking about what you were going to do or what you did yesterday. Just focus on the present moment and what you’re feeling with your senses.

7 Her seventh secret is to make a connection by directing compassionate feelings or your own heart “causing brain synchrony between people, so if you’re intending for someone else, you’re on their same wavelength, literally first form an empathetic connection with the other person by spending a few moments, exchanging some personal information about each of you or even an object or photograph, or you could hold his or her hands for a deeper connection or spend a little time meditating together before you send him or her intention.”

8 Most important of all is the eighth secret: “Tell the universe exactly what you want. It’s really important to make your intentions highly specific and directed. The more detailed, the better.” She explained that you should use the reporter’s checklist, who, what, where, when and how to make sure your focus is specific. She said, “The more specific we’ve been, the better. And the better it works for you state your entire intention and include what it is you’d like to change, to whom, when and where.”

9 The ninth secret is mentally rehearsing the outcome you desire using all five senses. “Your mental rehearsal depends on which senses are most developed in your brain,” she says. For some, visualization will be more acute when imagining the smell or the taste of the intended outcome. The more you can use the senses your brain has developed, the better.

10 Believing in the process is the tenth secret. “Don’t allow your rational mind to tell you the intentions won’t work,” she reminds. Keep the faith and keep it “firmly fixed in your mind, your desired outcome, and don’t allow yourself to think of failure.” Trust that the outcome you want will be achieved.

11 Her eleventh secret is related to timing. “Time it right,” she says. “The evidence shows that intentions work better on days when you feel happy and well in every way.” Of course, when the intention is on your behalf and you are not well, you will have to make the best of it. Much like I did in the ER with my wife last week

12 And finally, she shares here twelfth and most important secret to find a group of eight online, in your family or workplace to meet and regularly practice intention. She suggests, “Have them become your intention family and work together, sending intention as a group. All the same intention all sent at the same time, all taking turns being the recipient.”

After learning these secrets and reading her book, we were eager to do some testing of our own. First, the Chairman of our board had been ill with the flu longer than normal. Our boss asked our team of eight to give him focused healing attention at 9:30 pm one evening. Ten minutes of concentrated intention, or in my case prayer, and his fever broke. He felt much better the next day.

A week later we provided healing intention to a woman who had been rescued from sex slavery as a child, but who had a back injury from being pushed down some stairs. I had not heard the result of this intention when my wife had a stroke.

After getting my wife into the ER, I had the presence of mind to text three teams of eight each to focus on her healing. To our amazement the effects of her stroke seemed to subside; the right side paralysis and slurred speech vanished, leaving her with a slight loss of sight in her right eye and a cognitive challenge with numbers and names. But even these seem to be improving—imagine returning home from the hospital after a full-fledged stroke, verified by MRI, in just two days.

In her podcast, McTaggart said, ” I’ve been a stunned witness to the amazing power of small group intention. I’ve worked with many thousands of people and even those with long-standing conditions have reported instant near miraculous healings. And we’ve also run scientific tests on the power of eight participants to find out why these small groups have such a powerful effect.  So in looking at intention, in many ways, most of what I’ve discovered turns everything we think about the power of thoughts on their head.” Looks like I can agree in amazement too.

In summary, she reports. “The group intention experience itself seems to cause big changes in people changing individual consciousness, removing a sense of separation and individuality. Placing members of the group in what can only be described as a state of ecstatic unity.” It’s very dynamic appears to be transforming and “enables individual miracles to take place.” She has recorded thousands of miracles in people’s lives. “They’ve healed longstanding, serious health conditions. They’ve mended estranged relationships, they’ve discovered a renewed life purpose, or cast off workaday jobs in favor of a career that was more adventurous or fulfilling.”

She concludes “that doing intention in a small group magnifies the effect, the group itself, and the power of focusing on someone else. Through that power of altruism becomes an amazing vortex of healing. My power of eight groups have been tested in the laboratory and we now have solid scientific evidence that intending in a small group is a fast track to the miraculous.”

Darryl Alder

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