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What You Give Your Attention To, You Become

Someone came to our circle Sunday night who said they didn't really feel well enough to come, but since they lived just down the road, decided to get up and come anyway. That is an example of how to live with intention. We have consistently held the intention of health for this person. On this occasion this person gave their attention to that part of them that knew they wanted to come, and felt like coming, instead the part of them that didn't feel like coming. That is huge! That act directed energy to, and empowered the healthy part of this person. And that is what living with and in your intention is about. And that is what it takes to bring our intentions about. Thinking, acting, talking, feeling and living as though what we have intended for is a done deal. Now of course sometimes if you're sick it isn't appropriate to come to circle, or you may just feel too badly to. And both are valid. I'm just using this as an example.

And that leads to what I'd like to share. When we attend the Intention Circles and hold deliberate intentions, we usually end up spending about an hour in focused intention. In that hour we simply open our hearts, and minds, and lovingly see the person to whom we're holding the intention as they intend. In that we are aligning with the highest good of each individual, and with All That Is, Beingness, The Field, Pure Consciousness, God, whatever you want to call It. Whatever you call it, it is a realm of unlimited possibilities. And every week, without exception, every person who attends these circles, feels more connected to that realm, to each other, and to their intention when they leave.

The trick is to hold onto that feeling. To maintain our vibration at that higher, perhaps unfamiliar, frequency. And for most of us, it is difficult to do when we leave and walk back into our lives. We tend to fall back into the memory of life as we've known it, and that can remain our experience, at least to some degree. That is the only reason we don't always see our intentions immediately. So there are a few of tricks of the trade, so to speak, that will assist us in staying in alignment with our intention.

One is to attend Intention Circles regularly. Consistently practicing connecting in a group and holding in Mind (Universal Mind) will elevate our Awareness of our connection to It, and that connection will become more experiential with consistent practice. Our lives will take on a richer quality, things will fall into place, we'll feel better, happier, more inspired and more at peace with our lives, no matter what they look like. And if that "Miracle" we've intended for isn't showing up right away, we'll definitely see and sense that we are moving closer to it. And some of us become so elevated that what we thought was so important no longer is

The second trick is to use someone else besides yourself to hold a higher knowing for. For example; it is very difficult to see, act, feel healthy when your body is telling you you aren't. So find someone in your life who is and spend time dwelling on their health, their vibrancy, their energy, their . . . . whatever it might be that you have difficulty seeing for yourself. (It has to be done without judgement of either them or you). We're working with a neutral Field here. It doesn't know, or care, who is in the body, or house, or car, or job, or creative space, or whatever. It just responds to what you impress upon It. So impress upon It the great attributes you see in someone else if you can't see them in yourself. You will both benefit. We all will. In fact if we all spend some time every day focusing on the greatness of people we come into contact with it will have a major impact on shaping our world, personally, and globally. We could pull the collective out of separation, survival and fear. (once again, yes, we are that powerful)

The third trick is altruism. The truth is, if we . . . how did Lynn McTaggart put it? "Get off yourself", and attend circles just to support the other people there, our lives would transform.

She talks about altruism and it's importance quite extensively in The Power of Eight. And when I started looking more into it, it is taught and practiced in some way in almost every significant teaching. She talks about how selfless acts of service, kindness, generosity ,etc. activate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is crucial for health and well being. It' been referred to as the Love nerve. I've linked three videos below where you can find out more about the vagus nerve and how it works for us.

The fourth trick is faith, or belief. Do you believe in the power of intention? The more convinced you are of the power of what takes place in our circles, the more "magic" you will see in your life. I encourage everyone to take the time to read L. McTaggart's books, watch Youtube videos. (3 are linked below) Look into the power of intention for yourself. It won't take much exploring to convince you that our circles are "the fast track to the miraculous". L.M.

I have more tricks up my sleeve, but I'll leave it at this for now. 😊

I hope you find this helpful. I am always available to answer questions, or offer support.

With love as my intention.


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