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A New Look At Deliberate Intentions

The unconditional readiness to give during an Intention Experiment — part of our natural impulse to connect — helps to dissolve individual boundaries, enabling us to step out of our individuality and into the space between. And that’s exactly the space where miracles happen. L.M.

9/10/19!! - palindrome numbers all this week. And look at these numbers! I know the numbers 1-9 in sacred geometry are the numbers of creation. Might be fun to take a closer look.

As most of you know I am leading The 40 Day Prosperity Plan from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price at Unity Church of Maui. Today is our 34th day. It has been so rich that we have agreed to extend it another 10 days. Almost all of the people who attend Intention Circles are participating in the 40 Day Plan and receive regular emails from me regarding the Plan. As you all know, the Intention Circles are based on Lynne McTaggart's book, The Power of Eight. And they are not in any way associated with any religion or spiritual philosophy. For that reason I have not been posting the emails that I've shared with the 40 Day participants. However, I am feeling a bit remiss that it has been so long since I've posted a blog to the entire group. So I am sharing the latest email, knowing that each person who reads it will receive something meaningful. And there is some news about the Intention Circles that I'll share at the end of the blog.

So, this morning when I was looking at today's affirmation, # 4, in the Abundance Book. I got a nudge to point this out. The affirmation reads, "Through my consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature, the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence of God within me is my supply.

In this affirmation, he twice states that it is the consciousness of the Presence of God that is source and supply. In other words, we need to not only think about the Presence within us, we need to have the consciousness, awareness, experience of the Presence of God. How? Well it's actually pretty easy, because it is the part of us that never wavers. Never. And it is the part of us that never changes, or passes away. It is the Truth of our being, and our authentic Self. So how do we become more aware and conscious of it? The easiest and most powerful ways I know is, to the best of your ability,  practice It. And, see It in others

How does one "practice" it? I'm sure you have ways, and all ways are valid. However if you feel you need a boost, here is a recommendation. Personalize It. Talk to Presence as if It is a loving mother or father. Personalize your prayers. I often look up into the sky and just talk to It something like this. "I know you see me. I know you're with me now, and always. I know you love me and guide me. I know I do as well as I do because you look after me and my needs. I know you see a much bigger picture then I, and I trust you. I know you value me and what I do here. I know I am a part of you, and you me. . . . .

I do the same way with gratitude and appreciation. Something like this:

I lift my mind and heart to the I AM frequency of unlimited abundance, prosperity, wealth, health, creativity, peace and joy. I am relaxing into the knowing and feeling of total security. Thank you Divine Universe for the wealth that I am drawing toward me now. Thank you for filling my pockets and accounts with cash. Thank you for all of the checks I am able to write toward all the things that express me as I know myself to be. Thank you for multiple streams of passive income that free me to live in full expression of my authentic self. Thank you for the flow of creativity and ideas that allow me to serve my community and world in a meaningful and beneficial way. Thank you for all of the tools, guidance, support, love, friendships, and resources that you provide for me every single minute of every day. I lift my mind and heart even higher still.  I am generating awesome ideas that are profoundly exciting.  My physical energy is large and grand, enabling me to participate in this precious life full-heartedly, and without reservation. I take from, and give to life unabashedly. i AM immensely healthy, excitingly wealthy, and awesomely wise.

It brings the Love and Light alive and fills me up with knowing that I belong, that I'm loved, guided, and supported in all ways. We all are, and it is so easy to fall into the appearance of separation. And guess what? It's just as easy to fall back into the knowing that we're one with All That Is. There is an old Zen saying, "When you take one step toward God, God takes a thousand toward you". Your steps, even if they seem like tiny baby steps are powerful. Who are you kidding? YOU are so powerful. You are connected to  The Power That Creates Worlds. How can you not be?

And how do we practice seeing it in others? Just do it! LOL If you have to, go to a public park, a mall, any place and just sit there and mentally tell each and every person, without judgement, "I know who you are. I see you. Namaste. You are God in form, you are the Love of God manifested. Every opportunity you get. Watching TV, the cashier checking you out, anyone in front of you, and yes, even the POTUS!!! See everyone as a Divine and perfect being, regardless of their personality, position or behavior. As things and circumstances, conditions in your life show up, you just say, "so this is how the Divine is showing up today.

Matt Kahn, a contemporary visionary, wrote a book called, Whatever Arises, Love That. So, WHATEVER arises, LOVE THAT!! It's easy to see God in goodness and beauty. God is just as present in stench and corruption. It is ALL just an idea that we've agreed to, and consequently, has taken form. This Substance is neutral. It will take form as the good and beautiful, the bad, and the ugly. It's up to you. And in this neutral place, "the space in between", is indeed, where miracles can, and do happen.

You are, above all else, Love in Action! Accept it. Be It, Share It. 

With Abundant Love As My Intention,


We now have the space to hold two circles at one time in Maui Meadows on Sunday evenings. So if you haven't attended one yet, there is now room for new people. And there is still a lot of interest in a morning circle on the south side if anyone knows of a location.

Thursday evenings in Haiku usually has room for one or two new people. And if you live in the middle of the island, please let me know. Several people are wanting to begin one there.

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