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“You get what you intend to create by being in harmony with the power of intention, which is responsible for all creation.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

To be in harmony with the power of intention is to be in harmony with the power of creation. We know that we are constantly creating the sum total of everything we hold in our subconscious mind. As Brian Tracy says. “Your subconscious mind grows either flowers or weeds in the garden of your life, whichever you plant by the mental equivalents you create.” If we want to know what we hold in our subconscious mind, and consequently, what the Universe sees as our intention, we can just look at our life. It reflects every speck of it into our life experience. That is good news! Because if there is something we want to change in our life experience, we know how to do it. I could go into the spiritual science of this, but the point of this article is to share how it relates to the power of intention. And that’s where it gets even better, because it is much easier than it sounds.

What we're doing in the Intention Circles is taking responsibility for what we are creating, individually, and collectively, by holding an intention. That in itself begins to open our possibilities. When we sit in groups and hold our intentions for each other, the Universe seemingly begins to pay attention. It seemingly begins to respond to us. The truth is It always has, we just didn’t notice because we weren’t being deliberate with our intentions.

One of the most important ways to stay in harmony with our intention is to hold in mind the completed intention as if it were already so. We don’t hold in mind the process, or try to figure out what we need to do to help create it. That’s not our work, and not only is it not our work, it takes us out of harmony with the power that creates it. Yes, we are CO-creators, however the nuts and bolts of bringing it into full expression is not what is assigned to us. What a relief! Our assignment, by the very nature of this process, is simply to hold the completed intention. Then the Universe may respond to us by inspiring us to do something, go somewhere, call someone, etc. And we begin to have these seemingly magical things fall into place. There is a big difference in trying to figure out what we should do, and doing what we’re inspired to do. Being inspired means we get an idea out of the blue, we know it’s the right thing to do, we’re excited to do it, and it is easy. Now we are staying in harmony with our intention, and the power of creation, and we are allowing the Universe to bring it about in the highest way.

Now I haven’t forgotten the most important element to being in harmony with our intentions, and the power that creates them. LOVE. I don’t remember where I saw this but it said something like, You were intended with Love, and you must be in Love in order to intend. Maybe I’ll write the whole next blog about that, but for now; It is saying that Love keeps us in harmony with our intention, and Love is the vibration that carries intention from the formless to full expression. At this point we have activated the power of intention, with the power of creation, which is Love in action. We are now in harmony with the power of intention. This is the state of Grace. And I have to say that the state of Grace was magnificent at the end of our last circle.

In the beginning I was astounded at how easily holding our intentions in the groups brought them into full expression. Usually in a far greater way then we could have imagined. Now I just smile and am glad.

With Love as my intention,


Per request, I have added your name to the subscribers so you will receive these blogs as an email. If you didn’t request, I probably had you on the list of interested. If you don’t want to continue getting them, I have no idea how to tell you to unsubscribe. So just email me and I’ll figure it out. Also email if you’d like more information about attending the circles, or if you have any questions about what I’ve written above.

There is a Facebook page called Power of Intention Maui where you can share your Intention Circle experience if you’d like. It’d be nice if other intenders could see them.

We are so powerful when we come together to serve each other and the world around us in this way. I am so grateful to those of you who get it.

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