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"You Can Create A World That Always Supports You"

Aloha Maui Intenders!! I am happy to be back home, and look forward to joining the Sunday circle again this week at Kachina's in Maui Meadows at 6:30. Text me if you need the address.

A while back Amorah told me about a group which had been started on the Big Island, Intenders of The Highest Good. After looking at their websites, I contacted two of the people who started it,Tony Burroughs who now lives in Arkansas, and Tina Stober who still lives on the Big Island. From that conversation Tina has agreed to come to Maui and tell us the story of how Intenders of the Highest Good began 25 years ago, the progression over the years, and what it has become today. (over 3 million participants world wide). They also have a number of publications available for purchase on their websites. ( I ordered several which arrived while I was gone, and Tony generously included a few I didn't order as well. This morning I had a chance to look through one, The Intenders Handbook, firsts printed in 1997.The title of this blog came from that handbook. I love the simplicity and clarity with which it is written. I'll share a bit of it with you here.

The Intenders of the Highest Good will show you how to make your dreams come true, and with the least amount of effort. We've been practicing the ideas that are given in this handbook for several years and have found that the laws of manifestation work very efficiently for us when we do two simple things;

1. We say our intentions out loud every day.

2. We meet together with like-minded friends in an Intention Circle once a week.

This is all that needs to be done to begin to get everything that we desire out of life.We must be willing to take a few moments from our busy routines for these two important things (or something similar) so we can consciously turn our deepest desires into real life experiences. Otherwise we will remain unempowered and at the mercy of the ever changing world we live in.

Those of us that have been attending circles regularly know this to be true. We are beginning to live with deliberate intention of our greatest good rather then trying this that and the other thing hoping that it will bring good results. We are moving into the awareness of who and what we truly are. We are connected to the power that creates worlds, and It's omnipotent creative energy flows where we put our attention, and intention. Life is meant to be lived fully, without limits, freely and wildly unique to you! If not now, when?

With Love as my intention,


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